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Thank you to all my students for all your love and support.  

Below, I've reprinted the article by Martha Ross, Associate Editor of Diablo magazine on page 82 of the July, 2009 edition about her experience in my Saturday Morning Yoga Class. 

Thanks especially to all who voted for me and all who showed up that Saturday morning to practice.  

Your enthusiasm for yoga--both the methods and the state of yoga--transform our world and reveal a world of peace, joy and sustainability.   Each one of us has a special part to play.

Our practice is so important both when we come together in a group and when we do our daily (and--moment-by-moment) work.  The yogic practices help us to be that presence of yoga, revealing a unique emanation of the Divine and shining out to all who need to know what is possible for them...and need inspiration, truth and compassion.  Namaste! Leena

Diablo magazine, June, 2009 from page 82

Reader Pick
Yoga Teacher
—Martha Ross, Associate Editor

Leena St. Michael admits that she can’t fully flatten her feet in a Downward Dog, unlike the figures of yoga perfection you might see on the cover of Yoga Journal. “One fine day,” she says brightly, explaining that in yoga you shouldn’t worry about what you can’t do, but be joyous about what you can.

St. Michael, who has taught yoga for 15 years, repeats such encouraging words to her students in her Saturday morning classes at Danville’s Oak Hill Park Community Center.

St. Michael has a warm smile that eases me into a practice that is physically challenging but will also connect me to a quiet inner place. “You all look so beautiful!” she says to her 20 students.

In keeping with her view that yoga shouldn't require superhuman struggle, she shows me a simple way to rotate my elbows as I hold myself in a “plank,” then how to hug those elbows in close as I lower my body straight down in a Chaturanga Dandasana. Her tip allows me to  perform my most graceful Chaturanga ever. 

Other Classes

Above...Leena adjusts Rita in a private yoga session at Crow Canyon Country Club. Yoga student, Alice is taking the photo in the background.
(Gratitude to Crow Canyon Country Club.) Below, student Nancy is adjusted in Camel pose. Thanks to professional photographer Ken Perkins. Leena with Crow Canyon Country Club Student