Dancing Through Life--Maintaining Balance and Thriving in Radical Times

Date: Sunday, July 27th 10am--4:30pm   MUST PRE-REGISTER!

How do you live with stability on an even course to your goals and best life in radical times when even the Nature is out of balance?

Answer: You must learn to master the elements, their bio-energetics and qualities.

Discover how Yoga and sister science Ayurveda offer the tools and methods for mind/body and life satisfaction in these times.

Appreciate your unique elemental signature! Learn signs of imbalance (dis-ease). Discover ways to tweak lifestyle and diet. Balanced experiential practices with multi-media presentations.

Enjoy cooking lesson and light vegan lunch or bring light bag lunch or something to share for picnic outdoors under the trees or indoors in the A/C.

We'll meditate, explore elemental properties of pranayama (breathing practices to expand and direct life force energy) and practice two sessions of asana (yoga posture). Morning practice: More active. Afternoon: Gentle, deep, restorative.

And we will dance!!!!

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Ages: 17 Yrs. and over

Fees: Resident $66.00 Non-resident $79.00

Bring: Yoga Mat, Beach towel or blanket, perhaps something to share at lunch (not necessary), suitable comfortable attire for yoga, layers for indoors/outdoors, props or eye-pillow if you have them. Basic props are provided.

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Registration number: 37421